Florida Redbelly Turtle
What Eats Turtles? Photo:Tibor Dulishkovitch

What eats a turtle?

What do turtles eat?

Freshwater turtles have lots of natural enemies, or predators. In the tropics they are eaten by crocodiles, alligators and caimans, which crunch through their shells and gulp them down. Some big cats such as jaguars will also bite through a turtle’s shell to get to the soft flesh inside of it. Even raccoons may gnaw at a turtle shell until they reach the turtle.

Huge sea turtles also have predators. The main predators of sea turtles are sharks, which attack them and bite their legs off.

In addition, people in some countries like to eat turtles and also turtle eggs.

And, what do turtles eat? Most species eat a variety of insects and vegetation. Some are large and powerful enough to eat fish and amphibians.

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