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What Eats A Rat?

Many Creatures Eat Rats
What Eats A Rat?

What eats a rat?

What does the rat eat?

Although the rats often attack and eat smaller animals such as mice, birds, and insects, a rats is near the bottom of the food chain and near the outside of the food web. That means that a lot of other creatures like to eat them.

Birds of prey such as hawks, owls, and eagles will take a rats meal whenever they can get one. So will many kinds of snakes, from poisonous rattlesnakes to snakes that kill their prey by squeezing, or constricting, it such as rats snakes, and boa constrictors.

The list of mammals that eat rats is almost endless. Foxes and coyotes eat them, and so do wildcats and weasels. Domestic cats also kill rats—though many cats are afraid of large rats and will not tackle them.

Because so many creatures kill rats, rats reproduce very quickly and have large litters in order to keep their numbers up.

As for the question “what does a rat eat?”—they eat almost anything. It would be hard to come up with a type of food that rats would not be interested in!

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