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What Eats A Lobster?

A Lobster Has Predators
What Eats A Lobster? Photo: Cefaclor

What eats lobster?

What do lobsters eat?

Lobsters are eaten by large fish that have jaws powerful enough to crunch through the armor-like shell of this ocean crustacean. The reason lobsters live in caves and rocky crevasses is so that their predators, or natural enemies, cannot find them and eat them so easily.

Lobsters also need to worry about one another: They are cannibalistic, which means that one lobster will often attack, kill, and eat another lobster. Have you ever noticed that live lobsters in a tank at a restaurant or fish market always have rubber bands on their claws? This is so that cannot eat one another.

Many people love to eat lobsters, too. A favorite way for people to eat them is to boil them, take the meat from the shell, and dip it in melted butter.

So, what does a lobster eat? Lobsters often eat dead fish and other animal material that they find on the bottom of the ocean. But sometimes lobsters eat live food—in fact, they occasionally kill and eat one another.

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