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What Eats A Bat?

A Bat In Flight
What Eats A Bat? Photo:Velho

What eats bats?

What do bats eat?

Bats may look frightening to us, but bats themselves need to be frightened of a number of predators.

Hawks and owls regularly kill and eat bats. Snakes and predatory mammals such as weasels and raccoons climb into bat roosts during the day and attack bats when they are sleeping.

In some places, bats are even killed by little birds that fly into bat caves and peck them to death. The birds then drag the bats outside and eat them.

Bats sometimes are even eaten by fish that grab them when they are skimming over bodies of water as they try to catch insects.

What do bats eat? Most eat insects. Some of the larger ones eat fruit. A few eat fish. And the vampire bat of Central and South America bites other animals eats the blood that flows out of the wound!

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