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What Eats Ants?

What Eats Ants? What Do Ants Eat?

Ants are near the bottom of the food chain and the outside of the food web, so there are lots of animals that like to eat them.

In the world’s tropical regions, some mammals specialize in eating ant. Many of these animals are called anteaters, and they have long, skinny tongues with which to pull ants into their mouths.

Many frogs, arachnids, or 8-legged predators, feathered predators, serpents, and other reptiles also like to eat ants. Any ant that falls into a stream, river, or pond is likely to get eaten by a fish.

Some people even eat ant. One kind of ant that lives in the Amazon rainforest tastes like a lemon drop, and the children who live there eat as many of these ant as they can get!

And . . . what do ants eat? Ant eat almost anything, from other insects to decaying animal flesh to fungi (funguses) that they grow themselves in their underground gardens!

What Eats Ants Close Up On A Twig
What Eats Ants Close Up On A Twig

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