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The Sunda Minivets (Pericrocotus miniatus) is endemic to Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, where they inhabit foothill and montane forests at elevations of 900 to 2750 meters.   These social Cuckoo-shrikes typically travel in large flocks.  Breeding birds generally nest at higher elevations of 1,800 meters and above. 


Both the male and the female have brightly colored plumage that is mostly black and various shades of orangy red to deeper red.  The male’s upper parts are black, and slightly glossed.  The female can be identified by her strawberry-red back and face.  Both have extensive and contiguous red wing stripes.


Sunda Minivets measure 19 – 20 cm, including the very long tail.  They generally weigh between 16 – 17 grams.

Similar Birds:  

The male Sunda Minivet is very similar to the Long-tailed Minivet (Pericrocotus ethologus), except for a shorter tail,  deeper red coloration and solid deep-black throat without any hint of grey; and the lack of a red line along the edges of inner secondaries/tertials (flight feathers). 

Calls / Vocalizations:

Their calls are described as hard, metallic trills and high, whistled “tserrri” – both having a distinctly metallic quality. .  

Breeding Nesting:

The breeding season ranges from April to June.  These minivets are monogamous; both parents build their net cup nest together, using  grass stems, fine twigs, rootlets and/or moss, covering the out side with cobweb and lichen.   The female usually lays 3 to 4 eggs.  

Global Names:

  • Catalan:  minivet de la Sonda
  • Chinese:  巽他山椒鸟 / 巽他山椒
  • Croatian:  crveni skovranj
  • Czech:  suříkovec sundský
  • Danish:  Sundaminivet
  • Dutch:  Bergmenievogel
  • Finnish:  sundanminivetti
  • French:  Minivet vermillon
  • German:  Sundamennigvogel
  • Italian:  Minivet della Sonda
  • Japanese:  sundabenisanshoukui / スンダベニサンショウクイ
  • Lithuanian:  sumatrinis ilgauodegis vikšralesys
  • Norwegian:  Raudmønjefugl / Rødmønjefugl
  • Polish:  purpurek sundajski
  • Portuguese:  minivete-vermelhão
  • Russian:  Зондский личинкоед
  • Slovak:  pestrec karmínový
  • Serbian:  Sundski minivet
  • Spanish:  Minivet de la Sonda 
  • Swedish:  sundaminivett
  • Ukrainian:  Личинкоїд вогнистий



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