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Ruddy Pigeons

The Ruddy Pigeons, Patagioenas subvinacea (see Johnson et al., 2001), is a large pigeon that breeds from Costa Rica south to western Ecuador, Bolivia, and central Brazil.

It is found in highland forest canopy and semi-open woodland from 1500 m altitude to the timberline. It builds a rudimentary platform nest out of twigs 5 m high in a small tree and lays one white egg.

This species is replaced at lower altitudes by the very similar Short-billed Pigeon, Patagioenas nigrirostris. The two species are best separated by call.

(Columbidae – Please see also Doves)

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The Ruddy Pigeons is 28 cm long and weighs 170 g. It is unpatterned and mainly wine-purple, becoming more rufous on the back. The tail and primary flight feathers are dark brown, the bill is black, and the legs and eyes are purple-red.

The female is slightly duller and browner than the male, and the juvenile bird has a greyish brown head, neck, and breast, with cinnamon or rufous scaling on the head and upperparts.

Call / Vocalization:

Ruddy Pigeon has a loud coo, k’-COO coo call.

Diet / Feeding:

It is normally seen in pairs as it forages in the tree tops for mistletoe, fruits, and berries, but may occasionally be seen on tracks and roadside seeking grit.


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