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Kula: Handicapped Zebra Finch


Owned and Loved by Teresa Marrone

Kula crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her mate Max on September 21, 1999. This is one of the last pictures of her, taken on September 20, 1999, after she had a stroke that paralyzed her. She came to live with Teresa in September of 1991, which makes her a REALLY old lady, since from what I have heard, zebra finches’ average life span is between 5 and 8, and thanks to her loving owners she was able to have the fullest life she could ever have had …

Kula is our famous “Special Bird” since her story was published in “Bird Talk” in April 1997, and so was her owner’s heart-warming reflection on what impact this tiny zebra finch had on her family:

“People don’t understand the bond that happens between a loved bird and its human companions. And they can’t understand the joy I get from seeing how much happier she is in her remodeled home. She’s just a tiny, ‘common’ zebra finch. But that little heart is bigger and braver than many human hearts.”
Teresa Marrone

Teresa adjusted the cage, putting in platforms so that Kula was able to get around easier since Kula couldn’t fly and had lost use of one of her legs due to complications after egg-binding and a stroke.

I thought the picture would be interesting for those who also have to accommodate a handicapped bird.

(Now, isn’t that a WONDERFUL cage? It’s so apparent, that a LOT of love went into caring for this little finch.


Thanks Teresa for sharing your wonderful story, and also for snail-mailing me the Bird Talk report.

People like you are inspirational …


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