Pied Goshawks

The Pied Goshawks (Accipiter albogularis) – also known as White-throated Goshawks or Pied Hawks – are birds of prey found on Feni Islands (an island group in Papua New Guinea) and throughout Solomon Islands (Bougainville to Guadalcanal and Malaita, except for New Georgia Group).

Within their range, they are found in rainforests, along forest edges, in clearings and open secondary growth, as well as garden areas and the edges of towns.

Outside the breeding season, they are usually seen alone, often perching on stumps or other low exposed perches or soaring. They are mostly sedentary (non-migratory); however, young birds typically disperse from breeding areas.

Identified Races and Ranges

  • Accipiter albogularis albogularis (G. R. Gray, 1870) – Nominate Form
  • Accipiter albogularis woodfordi (Sharpe, 1888)
  • Accipiter albogularis gilvus (Mayr, 1945)
  • Accipiter albogularis sharpei (Oustalet, 1875)
  • Accipiter albogularis eichhorni (Hartert, 1926)
    • Papua New Guinea / Bismarck Archipelago: Feni Islands

Diet / Feeding

Pied Goshawks feed on smaller birds (such as sunbirds, starlings, doves up to the size of chickens) and their young; as well as insects, and lizards.

Breeding / Nesting

Both parents construct the nests that are usually situated high in trees.

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