Moluccan Scops Owl (Otus magicus)

The Moluccan Scops Owls (Otus magicus) are scops owls found in Asia.

Subspecies and Ranges

  • Otus magicus magicus (S. Müller, 1841) – Nominate Race
    • Range: Ambon Island (part of the Maluku Islands), Indonesia
  • Otus magicus morotensis (Sharpe, 1875)
    • Range: Morotai and Ternate Islands – part of eastern Indonesia’s Maluku Islands (Moluccas)
  • Otus magicus leucospilus (G. R. Gray, 1860)
    • Range: Islands of Halmahera, Kasiruta and Bacan (part of Maluku Islands)
  • Otus magicus obira Jany, 1955
    • Range: Obi Islands (part of Maluku Islands)
  • Otus magicus bouruensis (Sharpe, 1875)
    • Range: Buru (formally Boeroe) (part of Maluku Islands group)
  • Otus magicus albiventris (Sharpe, 1875)
    • Range: Lesser Sunda Islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Lomblen
  • Otus magicus tempestatis (Hartert, 1904)
    • Range: Wetar Islands (part of Maluku Islands group)

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