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Mangrove Golden Whistlers or Black-tailed Whistlers

The Mangrove Golden Whistlers (Pachycephala melanura) – also commonly referred to as Black-tailed Whistlers – are endemic to Australia, where they have a very large range within which they are reported to be “fairly common”.

These Mangrove Golden Whistlers are mostly found in mangrove forests and adjacent wet forests.

Subspecies and Ranges

  • Pachycephala melanura melanura (Gould, 1843)
    • Occurs along the coasts of northern and northwestern Western Australia in the regions of Kimberley and Pilbara.
  • Pachycephala melanura robusta (Masters, 1876)
    • Found in northern Western Australia – from about Cambridge Gulf – ranging east across the coastal Northern Territory, including the islands of Bathurst, Melville, and Groote Eylandt, to northern and northeastern Queensland, where they occur on the eastern and western sides of Cape York Peninsula, south on the easter coast to Shoalwater Bay.
  • Pachycephala melanura dahli (Reichenow, 1897)
    • Range: Bismarck Archipelago and southeastern New Guinea coast east from Hall Sound (including Fergusson Island and other nearby islands).
  • Pachycephala melanura spinicaudus (Pucheran, 1853)
    • Inhabit southern New Guinea – from Merauke east along the coast to Hall Sound – and the islands in Torres Strait.
  • Pachycephala melanura whitneyi (E. J. O. Hartert, 1929)
    • Range: Extreme northwestern Solomon Islands (Whitney, Momalufu and Akiri – west of Shortland Islands)

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? … Czech: Pištec pobrežní, pištec pob?ežní …Danish: Mørkhalet fløjter … Dutch: Zwartstaartfluiter … Finnish: Mangrovekultaviheltäjä … French: Pachycéphale à queue noire, Siffleur à queue noire … German: Mangrove Dickkopf … Indonesian: Kancilan Ekor-hitam … Italian: Zufolatore codanera, Zufolatore dorato delle mongrovie … Japanese: kinirohitaki, kin’iromanguro-bumozuhitaki, kiniromozuhitaki … Japanese: ??????, ????????? … Norwegian: Svarthaleplystrer … Polish: fletówka obrozna, fletówka obro?na … Russian: ????????? ??????? … Slovak: hlavácik ciernochvostý … Spanish: Chiflador Dorado de los Mangles, Silbador Colinegro … Swedish: Mangroveguldvisslare


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