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Enggano Scops Owl (Otus enganensis)

The Enggano Scops Owls (Otus enganensis) are endemic to Enggano Island, off south-west Sumatra in Indonesia. They are reported to be uncommon to very rare in its small range of not more than 125 square miles or 200 square kilometers.

These owls occur naturally along forest edges and in wooded areas.


These small owls measure 6 – 8 inches (~16 – 20 cm) – including the tail and have short, rounded wings. The legs, feet and bill are greyish.

The plumage is mostly reddish brown with a pale facial disk and white eyebrows. The upper plumage has distinct black vermiculations (fine, wavy streaks of color). The tail and wing (flight) feathers are barred. The plumage below is paler than the upper plumage and has white white vermiculations.

The eyes (irises) are green-yellow.

Diet / Feeding

Enggano Scops Owls mostly feed on insects.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: výre?ek engganský … Danish: Enggano-dværghornugle … Dutch: Engganodwergooruil … German: Engganoeule, Enggano-Zwergohreule … English: Engano Scops-Owl, Engaño Scops-Owl, Enggano Scops Owl, Enggano Scops-Owl … Spanish: Autillo de Enggano, Autillo de la Enggano … Estonian: enggano päll … French: Petit-duc d’Enggano … Indonesian: Celepuk Enggano … Italian: Assiolo di Enggano … Japanese: enganokonohazuku … Norwegian: Engganougle … Polish: syczek ciemny … Russian: ????? ??????? … Slovak: výrik hnedý … Swedish: Engganodvärguv

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