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The Crystal Shuttle

Give your pet a sense of freedom with a beautiful, high-quality crystal shuttle

Crystal Shuttle Value Packs – a great value … Crystal Shuttle Emergency Kits – you are prepared for everything! … the WingDow Seat – Your Pet’s Favorite Perch in the House


USA Made / Highest Possible Quality:

    • Rust-proof; rot-proof, mildew-proof. Only the best quality, no-compromise material and construction was used.


    • Carrier is made from sturdy Cell Cast Acrylic that provides high resistance to breakage (17 times that of double-strength glass).


    • Acrylics will not warp, crack, craze, or corrode when subjected to prolonged outdoor exposure.


    • They are made without folds or creases that can trap harmful bacteria and mold.


    • Hand-made; not machine molded – giving you the longest lasting product available.


    • Very easy to disinfect.


  • Breeder and veterinary approved.

Great for car travel!

    • Your Bird will LOVE the clear view which will also eliminate stress of travel


    • A low perch keeps your bird safe in case of sudden stops


  • The transparent carrier allows you to easily check on your pet.



    • Highest quality, clear-view bird carrier


    • Shoulder strap.  For your comfort when carrying bird.


    • Wood perch.  For the comfort and safety of your bird, the perch is anchored close to the bottom.


  • Non-skid carpet.  Easy to remove and clean.NOTE: Stainless Steel Dishes, Toys and T-Perch are OPTIONAL — not included

Available Sizes:

    • Model CS1 – for airline travel and smaller birds
      • Size: L 15” X W 10” X H 8”
        • This size works with all airlines that allow in-cabin travel. Accommodates smaller birds, such as conures and cockatiels. Amazon Parrot-sized birds would fit, but it would be a little snug (so only for short flights).However, we do now have one available for larger birds (not yet featured on this webpage). It is a little taller so it fits the amazons and african grays better. Its dimensions are 9 3/16 tall 10″ wide and 15″ long. It costs the same as the CS2 (for Amazon and Greys). If you would like to order, please place an order for CS2 and follow order up with an e-mail and stipulate “for Airline Travel”.


    • Model CS2 – for Amazon and Grays
      • Size: L 15” X W 10” X H 10”


    • Model CS3 – for Cockatoos
      • Size: L 19” X W 10” X H 13.5”


  • Model CS4 – for Macaws
    • Size: L 34” X W 10” X H 13.5” (Door at both ends)

Crystal Shuttle Value Packs – a great value

Crystal Shuttle Emergency Kits – you are prepared for everything!

Any Questions?? Please e-mail with any questions and comments.



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