Bare-faced Go-away Birds

The Bare-faced Go-away Bird (Corythaixoides personatus) is a Turaco found in Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, West Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Western and Central Tanzania, Central / South-east Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Rwanda, Burundi, South-west Uganda, and North-east Zambia.

These turacos inhabit fairly open country, frequenting trees along river courses.


  • This turaco is large, restless and noisy.
  • It is easily distinguished from the White-bellied Go-away Bird by its bare black face.
  • Both sexes are gray in color. Female has a green beak.
  • Has a characteristic long tail and crest.
  • Legs, feet and the male’s bill are black.
  • Adult measures about 20 inches in length.

Bare-faced Go-away Bird


  • Their preferred food consists of berries.

Nesting / Reproduction

  • Nests are built mostly in tall acacia trees.
  • Female lays 2 to 3 greenish-white oval eggs.

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