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Blue-naped Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia cyanea)


Blue-naped Chlorophonia - Male

The Blue-naped Chlorophonias (Chlorophonia cyanea) are colorful South American birds.


Distribution / Range:

The Blue-naped Chlorophonias inhabit Atlantic forests in south-eastern Brazil, eastern Paraguay and north-eastern Argentina, the Andes from Bolivia in south to Venezuela in north, the Perij√° and Santa Marta Mountains, the Venezuelan Coastal Range, and the Tepuis.

They live in humid forests, but also visit gardens and parks. They are usually found in subtropical highlands, but some move down to near sea level in the Atlantic Forest region.



These small birds have a mostly green plumage with yellow underparts.

The mantle/lower nape (back of the neck), rump and eye-rings are blue.

Some subspecies have a yellow frontlet.

Females are duller than the males. Their underparts are more greenish-yellow and there is less blue to the mantle/lower nape.

Blue-naped Chlorophonia - Female

Female Silver-backed or Silvery Tanager (top right), Blue-naped Chlorophonia (middle) and Blue-necked Tanager (left)


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