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Black-tailed Native-hens

The Black-tailed Native-hens, (Gallinula ventralis) is a rail that is native to Australia and New Zealand.


The Black-tailed Native-hens is a large dark bird, measuring about 38cm in length and weighing around 400g.

The plumage is mostly brownish-grey and green. It has an erect tail.

Its long legs and lower jaw are pink-orange and its eyes are a bright orange color.

Calls / Vocalizations

This species is not excessively vocal. Its alarm call is described as a ‘kak’ sound.


The Black-tailed Native-hen is common throughout Australia, where it has a wide range. It usually lives by permanent as well as intermittent water sources.

It is a rare vagrant to New Zealand.


The breeding season is usually b etween August and December.

The cup-shaped nest is situated in vegetation near water or swampland. The average clutch consists of 5-7 pale green eggs, which are incubated for approximately 20 days.


The Black-tailed Native-hen mostly feeds on insects, plant material and seeds. In farming areas, the Black-tailed Native-hen are considered crop pests as they are capable of causing considerable crop damage.


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