Mule Deer Vs White Tail Deer

White Tail Deer

It is well known that mule deer originated from hybridization between white-tailed deer and coastal black-tailed deer.  White-tailed deer were animals of warmer climates. White tails are also the smallest members of the deer family in North America. During winter they prefer to stay in the forest since they are generally animals of warmer weather.  … Read more

How Long Do Deer Live?

How Long Do Deer Live

To answer this question we have to go into a lot of details since Deer are one of the most populated animals, and there are more than 50 species of Deer around the world. Even though they have a difficult time reaching their average lifespan since they are always being targeted by hunters, Some Deer … Read more

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? How To Protect Your Crop?

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? Deer love eating pumpkins, and their beans alongside them. They also like eating lettuce, squash, strawberries and peas which are some of deer’s favorite foods when it comes to homegrown fruits.  However nobody wants their garden to be a dining place for wild animals like deer, especially their pumpkins. So how … Read more

How To Find A Hummingbird Nest in 3 Easy Ways

How To Find A Hummingbird Nest in 3 Easy Ways

Are you looking to invite beautiful hummingbirds to your backyard? Here’s how to find a hummingbird nest in three easy ways. There are over 330 species of hummingbirds worldwide, and the US is home to about seventeen of these. All of these species have different nesting habits.  All hummingbirds build nests and care for their … Read more

What Do Birds Use To Make A Nest?

What Do Birds Use To Make A Nest

Birds make a wide variety of nests, but where do they get the material to make them? What do birds use to make a nest? Let’s find out. Have you ever looked at a bird nest and wondered what these winged architects used to make it? Well, bird nests can awe anyone, for they are … Read more

Where Do Crows Nest? Explained

Where Do Crows Nest?

Most bird lovers have never seen a crows nest, except on pirate ships. So, where do crows nest? Why can’t we see them? Let’s find out. Crows build nests in many spots. You can find them in trees, on window ledges, and even in pylons.  Each nest can hold up to 6 eggs, but sometimes, … Read more

Raven Vs Crow Vs Blackbird

Raven Vs Crow Vs Blackbird

What is that black bird? Confusing as it may be, differentiating ravens vs crows vs blackbirds is not that hard. We will tell you what to look for in each in the article below. Ravens, crows, and blackbirds are nearly similar when looked at from a distance. But if you look at them closely, there … Read more