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White-shouldered Fire-eyes

The White-shouldered Fire-eyes (Pyriglena leucoptera) occur naturally in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay; specifically, their range stretches from southern Brazil (eastern Bahia) to eastern Paraguay and northeastern Argentina (Misiones); where they inhabit lowland and montaine forest areas.

They are known to follow army-ant swarms and join mixed-species flocks.


White-shouldered Fire-eyes have distinctive fire-red eyes (hence their common name).  Males have an all-black plumage except for white shoulders and two white wing bars.  The plumage of females is rufous-brown above and paler below.  

Breeding / Nesting:

Most breeding occurs from September to December. 

They build their large, round, ball nests using leaves, petioles, and rolled sheaths of bamboo, placing nests in trees or shrubs, and occasionally on the ground. 

One documented nest measured about 26 cm in diameter with an entrance hole of 7–8 cm.  Most nests contain 4 to 6 eggs cared for by both parents.

On average, they measure 18 cm in length (including the tail) and weigh between 25 -34 grams. 

Global Names: 

  • Catalan:  ull de foc alablanc
  • Chinese:  白肩红眼蚁鸟 / 白肩火眼鳥
  • Croatian:  blistava mravarica
  • Czech:  ohniočko trojpáskované
  • Danish:  Hvidskuldret Ildøje
  • Dutch:  Witschoudervuuroog
  • Finnish:  pikkutulisilmä
  • French:  Alapi demoiselle
  • German:   Weißbinden-Ameisenvogel
  • Icelandic:  Mauraglyrna
  • Italian:  Occhio di fuoco spallebianche
  • Japanese:  katajiroakamearidori / カタジロアカメアリドリ
  • Lithuanian:  baltapetė ugniaakė
  • Norwegian:  Kvitvenggloauge / Hvitvingegloøye
  • Polish:  węglarz białoskrzydły
  • Portuguese: papa-taoca-do-sul 
  • Russian:  Белоплечая огнеглазка
  • Slovak:  ohňoočko bieloplecé
  • Serbian:  Belokrila vatrooka mravarka
  • Spanish:  Ojodefuego Aliblanco 
  • Swedish:  vitskuldrat eldöga
  • Ukrainian:  Вогнеок східний

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