What Eats A Wolf?

What Eats A Wolf? What do wolves eat?

Generally speaking, the wolf is the top dog in its ecosystem. That means that while wolves will try to eat almost any other animal that crosses their path, from the largest to the smallest, What Eats A Wolf almost nobody gets to eat them—at least, not while they’re alive.

But there is one exception. A large grizzly will sometimes dig up a mother wolf’s den and eat the wolf cubs. And very occasionally, when a grizzly fights and kills a grown wolf, it will eat the wolf carcass. But grown wolves are powerful and can inflict a lot of damage on a grizzly, so grizzlies don’t generally try to make a meal of them—it’s just more risk than it’s worth.

For their part, wolves have been known to gang up on a grizzly cub, kill it, and eat it. The natural world is a tough place to live. . . .

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