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Listing of Sea Birds found in Vanuatu

Listing of Sea Birds found in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean

Photos Seabirds (mostly remain on the open sea, nest on islands and on the coast): Photos

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Photos of Land / Forest Birds found on Vanuatu with links to species pages

Seabirds (mostly remain on the open sea, nest on islands and on the coast) … Photos





  • Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus) – Rare/Accidental


  • Black-winged Petrel (Pterodroma nigripennis) – Rare/Accidental
  • Bulwer’s Petrel (Bulweria bulwerii) – Rare/Accidental
  • Cape Petrel (Daption capense)
  • Collared Petrel (Pterodroma brevipes) – Near threatened
  • Falla’s Petrel or Vanuatu Petrel (Pterodroma occulta)
  • Gould’s Petrel (Pterodroma leucoptera) – Vulnerable (No Photo)
  • Grey Petrel (Procellaria cinerea) – Near-threatened
  • Herald Petrel (Pterodroma heraldica) – Rare/Accidental
  • Kermadec Petrel (Pterodroma neglecta) – Rare / Accidental
  • Mottled Petrel (Pterodroma inexpectata) – Near-threatened
  • Providence Petrel (Pterodroma solandri) – Rare/Accidental Vulnerable
  • Southern Giant Petrel (Macronectes giganteus) – Rare / Accidental / Near-threatened
  • Tahiti Petrel (Pseudobulweria rostrata) – Rare/Accidental – Near-threatened
  • Trindade Petrel (Pterodroma arminjoniana) – Rare/Accidental (No Photo)
  • White-necked Petrel (Pterodroma cervicalis) (No Photo)

Shearwaters (Genus: Puffinus)


  • Pomarine Skua (Stercorarius pomarinus) – Rare/Accidental

Storm Petrels

  • Black-bellied Storm Petrel (Fregetta tropica) – Rare/Accidental (No Photo)
  • White-bellied Storm Petrel (Fregetta grallaria) – Rare/Accidental (No Photo)
  • Wilson’s Storm Petrel (Oceanites oceanicus) – Rare/Accidental
  • Polynesian Storm Petrel (Nesofregetta fuliginosa)




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