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Tawny-capped Euphonias

Tawny-capped Euphonias

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Finch Information

The Tawny-capped Euphonias (Euphonia anneae) – also known as Tawny-crowned Euphonias – are finches that occur naturally in the Central American countries of Costa Rica and Panama, south to Colombia in South America.

Their primary habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, montanes, and heavily degraded former forests.


Recognized Subspecies and Ranges

  • Euphonia anneae anneae (Cassin, 1865) – Nominate Form
    • Range: The northern race occurs in the Caribbean foothills from Costa Rica east to western Panama (Volcán de Chiriquí).
  • Euphonia anneae rufivertex (Salvin, 1866)
    • Range: The southern race is found on both slopes in Panama – from Veraguas east to extreme northwestern Colombia (area of Cerro Tacarcuna, in foothills west of Gulf of Urabá).


Diet / Feeding

Tawny-capped Euphonias mostly feed on various tree-borne fruits. In particular, they are known to feed on mistletoe berries. Their gut is specially adapted for mistletoe berries, which are poisonous.

These finches tend to move to places where mistletoe berries are the most abundant. They are most commonly seen in small groups foraging in their favored feeding areas.



Euphonias are known for their almost constant singing. Their best known calls sound like “Pe-we,” “see-see,” and “beem-beem“.


Alternate (Global) Names

Czech: Libohlásek hnedokorunkatý, libohlásek hn?dokorunkatý …Danish: Brunisset Skoveuphonia … Dutch: Bruinkaporganist … Finnish: Rusolakkimarjukka … French: Euphone à tête brune, Organiste à couronne rousse … German: Braunscheitelorganist, Braunscheitel-Organist … Italian: Eufonia capofulvo, Eufonia corona fulva … Japanese: chaboushisumirefuukinchou … Norwegian: Rustkroneeufonia … Polish: organka rudolbista, organka rudo?bista … Russian: ?????????????? ??????? … Slovak: organista okrovohlavý … Spanish: Eufonia Cabecirrufa, Eufonia Coronirrufa, Eufonia gorricanela, Fruterito de Capa Castaña … Swedish: Brunkronad eufonia … Chinese: ????


Additional Resources


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