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Taiwan Yuhinas or Formosan Yuhinas

The Taiwan Yuhinas (Yuhina brunneiceps), are formerly known as “Formosan Yuhina”, is a small songbird endemic to the island of Taiwan. This species is found in temperate forests, 1000–3300 m in altitude in its native habitat.

It is gregarious, active, and quite tame. It keeps to lower forest and often joins other species, especially tits in mixed flocks.

Like other yuhinas, it is closely related to the white-eyes and if these were considered a distinct family Zosteropidae, it would be placed there. Otherwise, it would belong together with the white-eyes in the Old World babbler family Timaliidae (Old World Babblers) (Jønsson and Fjeldså 2006).

The closest living relative of this species appears to be the Black-chinned Yuhina, which occurs on the Asian mainland (Cibois et al. 2002).


The Taiwan Yuhina is 13 cm in length with a deep brown chestnut-colored crest and a black beard stripe descending from its beak. Male Taiwan Yuhinas are larger than females. (Yuan et al. 2006).

The bird’s back, wings, and tail is olive brown, and its lower breast is lighter in colour.

Agreeing with other typical yuhinas in habitus, its colouration pattern is rather uncommon among the genus (Cibois et al. 2002).

Calls / Vocalizations

The flocks, while feeding, make a constant soft chatter.

The call of the Taiwan Yuhina sounds somewhat like twi-MI-chiu, which resembles the phrase “We MEET you”.

Diet / Feeding

The Yuhina’s diet consists of mainly nectar, berries, flowers, and small insects. Taiwan Yuhina may sometimes be observed hanging upside down on cherry trees.

These songbirds are particularly fond of the flowers of the Chinese tulip tree and the fruits of trees of the family Elaeagnaceae and the genus Idesia (Salicaceae).

Breeding / Nesting

The breeding season for the Taiwan Yuhina is from May to June.

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