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Stafford Canaries

Stafford Canaries



The Stafford canaries are primarily bred for color and conformation. The Stafford Canary was developed by crossing the Red Factor Canary with the Gloster Canary. The Stafford Canary can also have a crest (corona). The crest and conformation are a result of cross-breeding Red Factor with Gloster canaries. The males have a free, wild, chopping song.


Show Standards:


The crest feathers should radiate from a small circle  at the center of the top of the head and should finish level with the top of the eye. There should not be an obvious break at the back of the head where the crest meets the neck.


The head should have a broad well rounded appearance from whatever angle it is viewed. The forehead should have a good rise above the beak. The curve of the head should continue to rise to the center of the skull, giving the head a nice rounded appearance. The forehead should be broad as the head is behind the eye. And finally the head should have a browy appearance with heavy feathering above the eye.


Canary Care and Housing


Canary Breeding


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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