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The Munias, Mannikins, and Silverbills (Euodice malabarica) are small passerine birds in the genus Lonchura of the estrildid finch family. They are resident breeding birds in the Old World tropics, with the most variety in southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to Indonesia and the Philippines. Most are found in relatively open habitats.

Diet / Feeding

These small gregarious birds feed mainly on seeds.

Nesting / Breeding:

The nest is a large domed grass structure into which 4-10 white eggs are laid. Some species also build communal roosting nests for overnight rest.

Description / Sub-species:

The species in this genus are similar in size and structure, with stubby bills, stocky bodies, and long tails. Most are 10-12 cm in length. Plumage is usually a combination of browns, black and white, with the sexes similar, but duller and less contrasted for immature birds.

The similarities within this group and the existence of subspecies with differing vocalizations and plumage mean that some races may be elevated to species status. African and Indian Silverbill are now usually considered distinct species, and the two races of Black-throated Munia are often also split.


  • African Silverbills, Lonchura cantans
  • Indian Silverbill, Lonchura malabarica
  • Grey-headed Silverbill, Lonchura griseicapilla

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