Arfak Honeyeaters

The Arfak Honeyeaters (Melipotes gymnops) are known by a variety of names, including Arfak or Western Melipotes, Bare-eyed Honeyeaters, Large Honeyeaters, Spot-bellied Honeyeaters or Western Smoky Honeyeaters.

They occur naturally in West Papua on the island of New Guinea in Indonesia. They are more specifically found in northwestern New Guinea, on the mountains of Tamrau, Wandammen, and Arfak (hence this species’ common name).

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: Medá?ek plodožravý … Danish: Arfakhonningæder … Dutch: Arfakhoningeter, Arfak-honingeter … Finnish: Keltakaljumesikko … French: Méliphage à ventre tacheté … German: Fleckenbauch-Honigfresser … Indonesian: Burung madu Arfak, Melipotes Arfak … Italian: Succhiamiele affumicato dell’Arfak … Japanese: nishikihoomitsusui … Norwegian: Arfakhonningeter … Polish: dziwoliczek zloty, dziwoliczek z?oty, Dziwook z?oty … Russian: ?????????????? ??????? … Slovak: Medárik škvrnitobruchý … Spanish: Mielero de las Arfak, Pájaro Azúcar Arfak … Swedish: Arfakhonungsfågel

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