The Short-tailed Starlings (Aplonis minor) – also known as Lesser Glossy Starlings or Short-tailed Glossy Starlings – occur naturally in Indonesia and the Philippines, specifically in Sulawesi, Java, Bali, Lesser Sundas and the island Mindanao located in the southern Philippines. 

Within their range, they inhabit subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and montane forests.


These Starlings are named for their short tails and their mostly glossy black plumage.  The head and neck are iridescent bronzy purple, with a  brighter purple on the nape (back of the neck), side of neck and throat.  Their most striking feature are the orangey-red eyes.

Global Names:

  • English: Short-tailed Starling, Glossy Starling
  • Catalan:  estornell cuacurt
  • Chinese:  短尾辉椋鸟 /  短尾輝椋鳥
  • Croatian:  kratkorepi čvorak
  • Czech: špaček malý
  • Danish: Lille Træstær
  • Dutch: Kleine Purperspreeuw
  • Finnish:  celebesinkiiltokottarainen
  • French:  Stourne à queue courte
  • German: Sundastar
  • Hungarian: szunda-szigeteki énekesseregély
  • Italian: Storno codacorta
  • Japanese: komidorikarasumodoki / コミドリカラスモドキ
  • Lithuanian:  Mažasis aplonis
  • Norwegian:  Korthalestare / Korthalestær
  • Polish: skworczyk krótkosterny
  • Portuguese: estorninho-de-cauda-curta
  • Russian: Зондский скворец
  • Serbian: Kratkorepi čvorak
  • Slovak: majna krátkochvostá
  • Spanish: Estornino Colicorto
  • Swedish: kortstjärtad stare
  • Ukrainian: Шпак-малюк короткохвостий


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