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Red-tailed Hawk before his release

Steve and Denise Ware, from Central Oklahoma, rescued a hawk that had been hit by a van right in front of his home. Steve caught the injured hawk and placed it in a lined dog carrier. The couple has been feeding this magnificent hawk raw Buffalo meat, and they noted that the hawk has been eating really well. As you can see from the photos, the hawk is doing great!

Below are four photos — the top two have been taken in the beginning of the recovery process. while the others are showing the hawk in an outside enclosure.

UPDATE: The Red-tailed Hawk has been successfully rehabilitated and released – one of the most recent photos is featured above. After days of freedom, Steve saw the hawk fly over his barn and was able to identify him by the bright yellow tag he put on his leg.

Well done, Steve and Denise!

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Red-tailed Hawk

Recovering Red-tailed Hawk


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