The Red-shouldered Blackbirds (Agelaius assimilis) is endemic to Cuba, where it inhabits swamps and marshes.

Sub-species & Georgraphic Range: Red-shouldered Blackbirds (Agelaius assimilis) And Hawk Flying

  • Agelaius assimilis assimilis : Western Cuba
  • Agelaius assimilis subniger: Isle of Pines


The male can be identified by his mostly black plumage with distinctive orange-red shoulder patches with pale yellow trims.  The female has a brownish plumage without the shoulder patches.

Similar Birds:

  • The Tawny-shouldered Blackbird has yellow-orange shoulders, though the shoulder patches are sometimes only visible in flight.
  • The Shiny Cowbird has a glossy plumage without the shoulder patches.  The bill is shorter and stouter than that of the Red-shouldered Blackbird.


 Their calls are described as a “chut” or “chut-chut” and their song as a shrill “Shuh-reee-eee.”

Global Names:

  • English: Red-shouldered Blackbird Red-shouldered Blackbirds (Agelaius assimilis) On A Reed
  • Catalan: sergent de Cuba
  • Czech: vlhovec červenoramenný
  • Danish: Rødskuldret Stærling
  • German:  Rotschulterstärling
  • Spanish:  Sargento Cubano
  • Spanish (Spain):  Sargento Cubano
  • Finnish:  kuubanturpiaali
  • French:  Carouge de Cuba
  • Croatian:  crvenokrili vranjak
  • Italian:  Ittero spallerosse
  • Japanese: akakatahagoromogarasu / アカカタハゴロモガラス
  • Lithuanian: Kubinis juodasis trupialas
  • Dutch: Roodschoudertroepiaal
  • Norwegian:  Eldvengtrupial / Ildvingetrupial
  • Polish: epoletnik kubański
  • Portuguese:  graúna-de-ombros-vermelhos
  • Russian: Краснокрылый трупиал
  • Slovak: vlhovec kubánsky
  • Serbian: Američki kos crvenih ramena
  • Swedish:  zapatatrupial
  • Ukrainian: Еполетник кубинський
  • Chinese: 红肩黑鹂 / 紅肩黑鸝


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