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Red-billed Brush-turkeys, Talegalla cuvieri

Red-billed Brush-turkeys, also known as Red-billed Talegallas or Cuvier’s Brush-turkeys

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The Red-billed Brush-turkey (Talegalla cuvieri) – also known as Red-billed Talegalla or Cuvier’s Brush-turkey – inhabits lowland forests on Vogelkop Peninsula, western Snow Mountains, and Misool Island of West Papua in Indonesia.


It measures up to 57cm in length. The plumage is black. The bare face is yellow. The bill is orange-reddish, and the feet are orange.

The head is covered with bristle-like black feathers.

Males and females look alike.

Nesting / Breeding

Red-billed Brush-turkey constructs its nest mound out of sticks and leaves.


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