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Pro-Care Animal Critical Care Oxygen Units

Pro-Care Advantange Animal Critical Care Oxygen Units

The Pro-Care Small Animal Animal Intensive Unit provides a highly reliable critical care cage for use by veterinary professionals.

This unit can literally be a life saver for seriously injured and ill animals who require oxygen supplementation along with temperature and humidity control.

Features include the oxygen system that accurately and safely delivers pre-heated oxygen, radiused corners that ensure easy cleaning of surfaces, capture door that enables gentle and safe handling of the patient, and more.


Features and Benefits

The highly reliable design of the Pro-Care 27 and the larger Pro-Care 36 has made them an indispensable tool to the many facilities that have come to depend on them. Features invaluable to the veterinary professional include: 

  • Oxygen Supply with Preheat System-Maximum 50 PSIG
  • Adjustable Heating from Ambient to 95°F (Ambient to 35°C)
  • Solid State Digital Thermostat with LED Display
  • Humidity Sensor Solid-State Digital
  • Double Walled
  • Removable Perches and Nebulizer
  • Flow meter Adjustable from 1.0 to 12.0 LMP

There are two models of the animal critical care oxygen units:

Both the Pro-Care 27 and the Pro-Care 36 animal critical care units are also available in 220v models and with either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature displays.

Pro-Care 27 – 912-010RH


  • Overall – 27″w x 28″h x 25″d
  • Inside Front – 20.75″w x 24″h x 22″d
  • 5.5 cu. ft interior
  • Price: $4,167 – U.S. Continental Shipping Included

Pro-Care 36 – 912-010RH


  • Overall – 42.5″w x 24″h x 27″d
  • Inside Front – 36″w x 20.75″h x 25″d
  • 10.7 cu. ft interior
  • Price: $4,773 – U.S. Continental Shipping Included

Available over our Secure Online Store – or order over the phone: 1-888-354-4666 x1

LYON’s Digital Thermostat System

A custom solid state device that provides safe temperature control from 65° through 95°. LYONTHERM is selectable to show a set temperature or actual chamber temperature in either Centrigrade of Fahrenheit. Eliminates the guesswork of setting the thermostat. The push/set control prevents accidental movement of the set point.

Capture Door: A Unique Design for Safety 

The capture Door allows easy examination or containment of the patient with maximum security against escape. To remove the patient, simply open the larger door without switching hands or releasing the animal.

Oxygen Flowmeter For Precision Oxygen Therapy

Custom flowmeter for each cage size regulates oxygen for precise, economical administration. Also included in each panel is a flow control switch that allows metered oxygen to flow directly to the Pro-Care 27, or through the external port for use with the included Nebulizer.

Oxygen Preheat For Temperature Stability 

To prevent rapid cage cool-down, temperature anomalies, and cool air drafts, oxygen is preheated prior to entering the environment, adding an extra dimension of treatment protection.

Nebulizer System (included with each Pro-Care 27) 

Each Nebulizer comes with a custom door mount bracket and oxygen supply hose for direct administration of therapeutic medication or humidity modification. Attaches quickly and easily to oxygen port on front panel. (No additional flowmeter required.)

Low Level Lighting For Non-Intrusive Observation 

A ceiling-mounted, switched, solid-state LED allows for easy observation under low ambient light conditions. This also helps prevent disturbing other patients by making full room lighting unnecessary.

Humidity Sensor (LYON’s Exclusive)

A solid state integrated circuit and sensing device allows for greater accuracy in determining relative humidity with the touch of a switch.

Measured Cups For Easy Intake Evaluation 

This is a Lyon innovation that is unique. The cups feature quick-reference markings in milliliters and ounces so that you can accurately monitor food and water intake.

Easy Care Construction 

Each Pro-Care unit is molded from durable fiberglass reinforced resins with all radius corners. Hinges are lift off stainless steel for easy cleaning. Perches are removable.


A Lyon exclusive that totally eliminates unwanted and dangerous hot floors. The aluminum fin computer designed radiant heat system brings the enclosure to temperature safely and quickly.

Available over our Secure Online Store – or order over the phone: 1-888-354-4666 x1

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