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Photo, Video & Article Contributions

Photo, Video & Article Contributions

Beauty of Birds is interested in receiving good quality photos of birds and related matter for possible publication; as well as articles that are relevant for the website’s content (bird and wildlife enthusiasts, holistic health, green living).


Please note that you must have permission to use the photo (be the actual photographer and/or have the rights to assign consent for use). By sending your photograph to the Beauty of Birds for publication, you agree for it to be published (under the Creative Commons terms), and declare you have all necessary permissions to do so. Copyright Informatione

All photographers of material used will receive credit on the photo (please refer to the photo to the right about suggested format – however, the author has the right to change the copyright statement).

Please also list the species of bird that are shown on the photo(s).

Breeders who submit articles or photos of birds that are not represented on the Beauty of Birds (rare birds, mutations, etc.) or have higher quality photos than are currently published on the Beauty of Birds – are encouraged to submit photos. Proper credit will be given. In addition, he or she is entitled to a lifetime free Breeder’s Listing.

Submit a photo or article

Best prospects for publication are …

  1. Species IDs: Photos that best show off physical features and/or personality of a bird; and photos that show birds in typical daily activities (nesting, feeding, mating, family groups, etc.)
  2. Rare / Hybrid Birds: Photos of rare birds, hybrid birds, birds in unusual plumage, out of season birds that would be considered accidental at that time. Other rarities of regional or county interest

Once sufficient images are published to fully document a bird, additional images may not be published unless they show additional features or are of much higher quality.

Image quality is secondary to documentation of rarities and we encourage submission of low quality images that show the markings adequately. 

Please note that all images may be subject to further cropping, resizing, image manipulation or editing before publication.

  1. Bird Set-ups: Also appreciated are photos of nice aviaries, bird cage set-ups — anything that will help bird owners set up a fun place for their birds
  2. Bird diseases: Also needed are photos of birds afflicted with bird diseases for publication on the Bird Health section. Bird owner experiences are also of great value (disease progression, diagnosis, treatment and, hopefully, resolution).

Even when subsequently received better images are posted, the originally posted images are never removed except by request of the photographer.

Submit a photo or article

Copyright on photos and articles published on the Beauty of Birds


You must have permission to use the photo and have the rights to assign consent for use by the project. By sending your photograph to the Beauty of Birds for publication, you agree for it to be published and declare you have all necessary permissions to do so.

The photographer / owner of the photo(s) retains the copyright on all files submitted.  The photographer / owner of the photo grants Beauty of Birds permission to use any submitted photos on the Beauty of Birds web site.  No other use is granted or implied.  Any other use of the files requires permission from the photographer. 

A copyright notice is placed either on top or below the photo.  If you feel you need to add your own copyright notice to the image, please keep these as small and inconspicuous as possible.  Since many photos are cropped before posting, we cannot guarantee that these copyright notices will be retained. 

Please be aware that files published on the Beauty of Birds are freely accessible to everyone. Beauty of Birds is not responsible for inappropriate,  unauthorized or commercial use of files downloaded from this site.  Responsibility for policing use of posted files remains strictly with the photographer.  


Each published article will include the author’s information per their instructions. It usually lists them by name, location, and may link back to their website.


Beauty of Birds reserves the right to reject, refuse to post or remove any posting (including images or comments) by you, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability.

Submit prints, videos, slides or articles (images and articles only) or upload them on https://www.earthlife.net (including videos and audio).

Last but not least

Once a photo or article has been published, the relevant webpage link is sent to the author / photographer for their final review and approval.



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