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Pheasants Diseases

Pheasants Diseases & Information

Pheasants tend to be hardy birds. They are prone to poultry diseases, such Botulism, Coccidiosis, owl typhoid, erysipelas, fowl cholera, avian tuberculosis, navel ill, crooked toes (young birds), Newcastle disease, eye infections and worms.

Pheasants Walking on the Ground. Pheasants Diseases
Pheasants Walking on the Ground. Pheasants Diseases

Regular treatment for worms is recommended. Parasite Control. Proper vitamin and mineral supplementation will build up their resistance and make them less susceptible to these problems .. Other Diseases

Tip: Hiding medication in their favorite foods is a stress-free, convenient way to administer medicine.

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Coccidiosis is the most common disease of domestic pheasants. It generally causes a bloody tinge to the birds’ droppings, and death results if the disease is not treated promptly. Coccidiosis can be kept in control by any of the sulfa family of drugs. A veterinarian should be contacted to determine the best method of treatment and dosage.

Parasite control

  • Dust-bathing
  • Dusting with pyrethrum-based louse powder
  • Systemic insecticide or growth regulator
  • Environmental insecticide

Foot Problems:

  • Hereditary: bent toes
  • Bacterial: bumblefoot
  • Parasitic: scaly leg
  • Crooked Toes

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