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Oriental Plovers or Dotterel (Charadrius veredus)

The Oriental Plovers, Charadrius veredus , also known as the Oriental Dotterel, is a medium-sized Charadriine plover closely related to the Caspian Plover


Adult male in breeding plumage: white face, throat, and fore-crown; grey-brown hind-crown, hind-neck, and back; belly white, demarcated with narrow black band and then broad chestnut breast band merging into white throat.

Female, juvenile, and non-breeding male: generally grey-brown upperparts and white belly; pale face with white streak above eye.

Measurements: length 21-25 cm; wingspan 46-53 cm; weight 95 g.


Oriental Plovers breed in Mongolia, eastern Russia, and Manchuria; and migrate through eastern China and South-East Asia to Indonesia and Australia. Rare in New Guinea; straggler to New Zealand.


Breeding habitat: deserts, arid grasslands, and saltpans. Non-breeding habitat: grasslands, salt fields, and coastal areas.


Mainly insects.


Not well known.


With a large range and no evidence of significant population decline, this species’ conservation status is of Least Concern.


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