Norfolk Island Pacific Robin (Petroica multicolor multicolor)

The Norfolk Island Pacific Robin (Petroica multicolor multicolor), also known as the Norfolk Island Scarlet Robin or Norfolk Island Robin, is restricted to Norfolk Island*, where it is largely confined to the Mount Pitt section of the Norfolk Island National Park and remnant patches of forest nearby.

(*Norfolk Island is situated in the South Pacific Ocean and is an Australian territory).

The Norfolk Island Pacific Robin mainly inhabits the native subtropical rainforest, with lower densities in other wooded habitats. It prefers areas with a dense understorey and an open ground layer with deep, moist litter for foraging in.

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The Norfolk Island Pacific Robin is similar to many other subspecies of the Pacific Robin, as well as to the Scarlet Robin.

The adult male is distinctive, the upperparts being mainly black with a large white spot on the forehead, white bars on the wings and vestigial white tips to the tail.

Its breast and upper belly are bright red with the lower belly white.

The female is much duller in colouration, being mainly brown with a pinkish breast. Immatures are similar to females. It is the largest of the Pacific Robin subspecies, though slightly smaller than the Scarlet Robin.


The robin feeds on a wide variety of invertebrates.

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