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The Magpie Starlings, Speculipastor bicolor, is a gregarious nomadic pied starling of dry brush and thorn-scrub in northern and eastern Kenya.


Physical Description

This magpie averages 6.5 – 7.5″ inches in length. White patches at the base of primaries (longest wing feathers) that are obvious in flight.

Male shiny blue-black on upperparts, head, and upper breast; mostly white below; eyes blood-red.

Female dull blackish above with dark grey crown; dark grey throat is separated from the white belly by a glossy black breast band; eyes red or orange-red.

Juvenile brown with white belly; eyes brown, becoming orange-red in immature. Exceptional young birds are entirely white below, including the chin and throat.



A prolonged soft babbling quereeeh qua kereek quak-quak, suaaaa, cherak-chik-chak…mixed higher harsh notes.


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