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Yellow-breasted Magpie (Cissa hypoleuca concolor)

The Yellow-breasted Magpies or Indochinese Green Magpies (Cissa hypoleuca) are native to China and south east Asia.


Sub-species and Distribution

    • Cissa hypoleuca hypoleuca – Nominate Species (Salvadori and Giglioli, 1885)
      • SE Thailand, C and S Laos and S Vietnam (S Annam and Cochinchina)


    • Cissa hypoleuca jini (Delacour, 1930)
      • SC China (S Sichuan S to S Guangxi)


    • Cissa hypoleuca concolor (Delacour and Jabouille, 1928)
      • N Vietnam (E Tonkin, N Annam)


    • Cissa hypoleuca chauleti (Delacour, 1926)
      • C Annam (Vietnam)


  • Cissa hypoleuca katsumatae (Rothschild, 1903)
    • Hainan I (S China)


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