Photos / Species of Crows, Starlings, Koels, Drongos and Magpies Found in Indonesia

Listing and Photos of other Birds found in Indonesia

Crows, Starlings, Koels, Drongos, Magpies and Magpie Robins native to, or found in, Indonesia

Paradise Crows (Lycocorax pyrrhopterus) aka Silky Crow

Black-billed Koels (Eudynamys melanorhynchus)

Dwarf Koel (Microdynamis parva)

White-crowned Koel (Caliechthrus leucolophus)

Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis)

Black-winged Starling (Sturnus melanopterus) – Endemic to Indonesia

Chestnut-cheeked Starling (Sturnus philippensis)

Long-tailed Starlings (Aplonis magna) – Endemic to the Schouten Islands off New Guinea in Indonesia

Purple-backed or Daurian Starling (Sturnus sturninus)

Short-tailed Starling (Aplonis minor)

Tanimbar Starling (Aplonis crassa) – Endemic to Indonesia

Ashy Drongo (Dicrurus leucophaeus)

Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus)

Bronzed Drongo (Dicrurus aeneus)

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus)

Hair-crested Drongos (Dicrurus hottentottus)

Black Magpie (Platysmurus leucopterus)

Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis)

Long-tailed Starling
Hair-crested Drongo

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