What eats a zebra? What do zebras eat? The zebra’s main predator or natural enemy is the lion. But other creatures attack, kill and eat zebras as well. Huge crocodiles often catch zebras when they are swimming across African rivers. Other four-legged natural enemies of the zebra, the wildebeest, and other African herbivores include leopards, … Read more

10 Armadillo Predators: What Eats An Armadillo?

What Eats An Armadillo

We look at some of the deadliest Armadillos predators in this article The word Armadillo means “little armored one” in Spanish. This little mammal from the Dasypodidae family is born with body armor to protect itself! An armadillo’s armor is made of overlapping plates that protect its head, back, legs, and tail. Armadillos can vary … Read more


What eats a camel? What do camels eat? There are two kinds of camels: Dromedary, or one-humped camels, which are native to Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, and Bactrian, or two-humped camels, which live in Central Asia. Nothing eats one-humped camels, because while plenty of them live in captivity, they are extinct … Read more


What eats jellyfish? What do jellyfish eat? There are many kinds, or species, of jellyfish in all the oceans of the earth. The main predator of jellyfish is other jellyfish, usually of a different species. But jellyfish also have a number of other natural enemies that like to eat them. These predators include tunas, sharks, … Read more


What eats grass? Thousands of different animals from tiny insects to huge elephants eat grass. Grasses are one of the most important sources of nourishment for animals all over the the planet. Without grass for animals to eat, the world would be a very different place. Almost all hoofed animals are “grazers”—a word that comes … Read more


What eats a penguin? What do penguins eat? In Antarctica, where most penguins live, the penguin’s main predator is a ferocious marine mammal with large teeth called the leopard seal. Penguins must swim very fast to escape from leopard seals that try to catch them in the water. Gull-like birds called skuas eat baby penguins … Read more


What eats zooplankton? Zooplankton are tiny water animals. Many of these plankton look like shrimp and other crustaceans, as well as worms, fish and jellyfish. The animal in the photo at the left has been magnified many times, or else you would hardly be able to see it! Often zooplankton can be found in huge … Read more


What eats kelp? Kelp may look like a long seaweed, but its actually an alga (singular of the word “algae.”) In many parts of the ocean, kelp is an important part of the food web, because many creatures eat it. In addition, kelp often forms dense “forests” where fish can hide from their predators. Many … Read more


What eats algae? What do algae “eat?” There are many different types of algae, and they can be many different colors, including green, blue and red. Algae—the plural of the word “alga”—often can be found in water, where it forms gooey mats. Some people call these mats of algae “pond scum.” Algae may not look … Read more


What eats dirt? You probably already know that worms eat dirt. Dirt—also known as “soil” and “earth”—contains small bits of leaves and pieces of plants that earthworms digest and turn into food energy. Tiny bits of rock in the dirt also help worms to digest their food. But many other animals also eat dirt. Animals … Read more