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Brown-winged Starlings

Brown-winged Starlings



The Brown-winged Starlings (Aplonis grandis) – also known as Large Glossy Starling – may form a superspecies with the San Cristobal Starling. These two were formerly considered conspecific (one and the same species). This starling occurs naturally in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.


Recognized Subspecies and Distribution:

    • Aplonis grandis grandis (Salvadori, 1881) – Nominate Race
      • Range: Bougainville, and Choiseul, Santa Isabel, New Georgia Group and Florida Is, in N and C Solomon Islands.


    • Aplonis grandis macrura (Mayr, 1931)
      • Range: Guadalcanal, in southeastern Solomon Islands.


  • Aplonis grandis malaitae (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Malaita, in eastern Solomon Islands.
    • May be a separate species, based on physical differences, such as smaller size, shorter tail, slimmer structure), white or very pale blue irises, shorter neck hackles, and a distinct green gloss on the head and body. There may also be differences in vocalizations.


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