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Border Canaries – Show Standards


Border Canaries




Show Standards / Points:

The first two essentials of a Border Fancy Canary are type and quality. The general appearance is that of a clean cut, lightly made, compact, proportional, close-feathered canary ,showing no tendency to heaviness, roughness or dullness, but giving the impression of fine quality and symmetry throughout.


Head and Neck:

Head: Well rounded and neat when viewed from any angle. Beak fine. Eyes clear and positioned to rest on an imaginary line drawn as an extension to the line between the upper and lower part of the beak, very slightly forward of a central point of the head.

Neck: In keeping with the head, and flowing smoothly into the body lines and of sufficent length to give a free, jaunty look to the head carriage.




Well filled and nicely rounded running in a smooth downward curve from the gentle, smooth rise over the shoulders to the point of the tail. The chest also nicely rounded, but not heavy. The line of curve to the root of the tail always being downwards viewed from above and behind the body outline should be symmetrically pear shaped.




Compact and carried close to the body, with primary (longer, outer wing feathers) and secondary (shorter, upper “arm”) flight feathers meeting at the tips. Outer flight tips to meet at the root of the tail. The primaries (longest wing feathers) and secondaries (shorter, upper “arm” feathers) to be pointed.



Legs and Feet:

Of medium length and showing just a little thigh, the legs should be fine yet in harmony with the size of the bird and allowing it to adopt a gay, jaunty stance. Feet in keeping with legs, both to be clean and without blemish.




Close, firm and fine in quality, presenting a smooth, silken glossy appearance, free from browiness, frill or roughness.




Close packed and narrow, being nicely rounded and well filled in at the root.



Position and Carriage:

Semi erect, standing at an angle of 60 degrees. Gay and jaunty with a full poise of the head. POINTS 15 color Rich, soft and pure, as level in tint as possible throughout, but extreme depth and hardness such as color feeding gives are debarred. Any exhibit showing the effects of color feeding will be disqualified. POINTS 15 SIZE The ideal length from top of the head to tip of the tail is five and three quarter inches length should be in proportion and balance with other features of the bird.




Condition and cleanliness shall have due weight.


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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