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Pallid Scops Owl or Striated Scops Owl

The Pallid Scops Owl (Otus brucei) is a small Scops Owl ranging from the Middle East to West and Central Asia, sometimes called the Striated Scops Owl.


The Pallid Scops Owl is a small eared owl similar in appearance to the Common Scops Owl but with more distinct streaks on the back and less intricate markings.

Distribution and habitat

The Pallid Scops Owl ranges from the Middle East to West and Central Asia, with some populations moving as far as the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and India in the winter.

It inhabits semi-open country with trees and bushes and has an estimated range of one to ten million kilometers.


Primarily an insectivore, the Pallid Scops Owl’s diet includes insects, lizards, spiders, and small mammals. It occasionally hunts during the day, and has been known to take bats and insects on the wing.


Breeding takes place any time between April and June, where 4 to 6 eggs are laid in a tree cavity, such as a woodpecker hole.

Incubation takes approximately 27 days, and the juveniles are fledged at 30 days.


The Pallid Scops Owl’s call is a series of low, hollow, dove-like notes.

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