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Blyth’s Pipits

The Blyth’s Pipits, Anthus godlewskii, is a medium-sized passerine bird that breeds in Mongolia (in East and Central Asia) and neighbouring areas. It is a long-distance migrant moving to open lowlands in southern Asia.

It is a very rare vagrant in Western Europe.

This bird was named after the English zoologist Edward Blyth.


This is a large pipit but is an undistinguished looking species on the ground, mainly brown above and pale below. It is very similar to Richard’s Pipit but is slightly smaller, with shorter legs and a shorter dark bill.

In south Asia, in winter some care must be taken to distinguish this from other large pipits which winter or are resident in the area, including Richard’s.

Its flight is strong and direct.

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Calls / Vocalizations

The Blyth’s Pipits gives a characteristic “pshee” call, higher pitched than Richard’s.

Diet / Feeding

This species is insectivorous.


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