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Species of Bird of Paradise or Cendrawasih (including hybrids and former members)

Genus Lycocorax

Genus Manucodia

Genus Paradigalla

Genus Astrapia

Genus Parotia

Genus Pteridophora

Genus Lophorina

Genus Ptiloris

Genus Epimachus

Genus Cicinnurus

Genus Semioptera

Genus Seleucidis

Genus Paradisaea

Hybrid Species of Birds of Paradise

Hybrid birds of paradise may occur when individuals of different species, that look similar and have overlapping ranges, confuse each other for their own species and crossbreed.

Some named hybrids and presumed hybrids are:

Former “birds of paradise”

Species formerly considered to be members of the Paradisaeidae but which have been since separated include the:

  • Velvet Satinbird (Formerly known as the Loria’s Bird of Paradise) (Cnemophilus loriae)
  • Antenna Satinbird or Crested Cnemophilus (Cnemophilus macgregorii), formerly known as the (Sickle) Crested Bird-of-paradise
  • Silken Satinbird (formerly known as the Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise) (Loboparadisea sericea)
  • Macgregor’s Giant Honeyeater (formerly “Macgregor’s Bird-of-paradise”), Macgregoria pulchra – recently found to be a honeyeater
  • Lesser Melampitta, Melampitta lugubris – for some time tentatively placed here; probably Orthonychidae (logrunners)
  • Greater Melampitta, “Melampitta” gigantea – probably a logrunner or a pitohui

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