Emperor Bird of Paradise

Emperor Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea guilielmi)

The Emperor Bird of Paradise, Paradisaea guilielmi, is also known as Emperor of Germany’s Bird of Paradise.

Distribution / Range

They are endemic to Papua New Guinea, where it is mostly found in the hill forests of the Huon Peninsula.


It measures about 33cm in length.

This yellow and brown bird of paradise has reddish-brown eyes, a bluish-grey bill, and purplish-brown legs.

The male has an extensive dark emerald green face and throat, two very long tail wires, and large white ornamental flank plumes.

The female is almost similar to the male, but has an all-brown plumage, smaller in size, and has no ornamental plumes.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on fruits, figs, and arthropods.

Emperor Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea guilielmi)
Emperor Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea guilielmi)

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