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The 8 Best Quality Chicken Brooders

The 8 Best Quality Chicken Brooders: The Complete Guide

There are some essential pieces of equipment you will need to raise chicks. A chicken brooder is one of these items.

A chicken brooder can be described as a Mummy for a chick. The brooder keeps the chicks warm as they grow into feathered chickens. It also protects them from predators and family pets if you keep your chickens in a barn or outside. As a backyard chicken keeper, brooding can be one of your most thrilling experiences.

A chicken brooder can be described as a man made Mum for a baby chick. The brooder keeps the chicks warm as they grow into feathered chickens. It also protects them from predators and family pets if you keep your chicks in a barn or outside. As a backyard chicken keeper, brooding can be one of your most thrilling experiences.

A quality chicken brooder is an enclosed container that will house your chicks until they reach age and are ready to leave the cage. The brooder will have a heating source to keep the chicks warm.

Brooders are often used to refer to both the container as well as the heater. We have done the same and will give you all the information about brooders.

Keep reading if you’re in the market to buy a brooder.

What is a Quality Chicken Brooder?

You may have come across the term brooder when researching chicks. But what is it, and why would you need one of these?

Brooders are containers where chicks can be kept until they reach the age to go outside into a coop.

Two things are required of chicken brooders:

  1. The chicks need to be protected.
  2. Brooders must also be kept warm and dry

Brooder boxes are usually made up of four walls, the base, and a lid. They can be made of wood, cardboard, or plastic.

The heat lamp is one of the most essential parts of a brooder. Heat lamps can be used to keep chicks warm in a brooder.

In the past, this was a red light bulb. However, most people now use a heating pad because it is safer. Heating plates use less electricity than heat lamps.

The Not So Good when buying a chicken brooder

There are many different types of brooders for chickens. You only need to be aware of a few things to ensure you get the best one for your chicks.

The Not So Good these factors when choosing a chicken brooder.

  1. Size You will need a brooder that is large enough to accommodate your chicks, their feed and water stations. For the first six weeks, each chick needs 0.5-1 square feet. A lack of space can lead to antisocial behaviors , such as picking and pecking.
  2. Difficulty of Setup: To put together some brooders, you will need a degree in engineering! It is best to keep it simple and easy to use.
  3. Safety: Check how secure the product is. Is it strong enough to withstand a cat or dog chewing through it? It is important to place cardboard or plastic in a location that can’t be reached by predators or rodents.
  4. Ease Of Cleaning: Is it possible to clean out the cage daily? It is important to keep chicks clean in order to avoid sickness and disease.
  5. Heat source: Although most brooders still use the old-style heat lamps, many people now prefer heating plates. Check that your brooder can be used with the heat source of your choice.
  6. Heating plates: Make sure that the heating plate you choose is adjustable in height. It will be necessary to adjust it as the chicks get bigger. Check the size. You may have a plate that can hold 15 chicks as young as one day, but how will it work when they start to grow? You will find that most plates won’t be large enough to accommodate the growing chicks.

HKDQ Chick Brooder

Brooder Box for Chicks,Brooder Heater Warms up to 15 Chicks (20″x14″x12″)

Target SpeciesChicken
Product Dimensions20″L x 12″W x 14″H
Specific Uses For ProductIndoor

The Brooder

  • Transparent board with adjustable light for you to watch chickens. Open and close at the top and sides, making it easy to remove the chicken.
  • The brooder box is made of odorless materials and features two ventilation holes. It is more suitable for chicks / ducklings that are 1-45 days old. The brooder can be kept clean by using the Pet Pee pads, temperature control switch and sun lamp.
  • The brooder incubator can warm up to 20 chicks. Don’t worry, the material of this brooder incubator can be cleaned easily. The knobs can be used to control temperature and light.
  • The house structure improves insulation, which keeps chicks warm. The cute chicken heater will let your poultry have their own little houses.
  • Includes: A brooding container, 2 heating lamps, and one bulb base. Not included (wooden house, water feeders, etc.).

A&I Brooders and Incubators Curadle

R-com Pet Brooder MXB90N with Bonus Reservoir, White and Black

Product details

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 33 x 18 x 17 inches; 30 Pounds
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 20, 2021
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Rcom Curadle
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09GRB8P96

Product Description

The MXB 90 N Rcom is the best brooder/ICU unit for your small animals, including puppies, kittens, critters and poultry. Wide Range Digital Humidity and Temperature Control Built-in ionizer to create a clean, filtered atmosphere Nebulizer Compatibility for high density oxygen. 

The oxygen tank or nebulizer is not included, but it’s easy to attach. The Rcom Curadle Rcom MX B90N Puppy, Kitten and Critters incubator is a sophisticated intensive care unit for newborns or sick pets that require gentle and precise treatment. The MX B90N is equipped with digital temperature and humidity controls and sensors. It can be connected to oxygen tanks or nebulizers. Easy to clean and use, this is the perfect incubator for your animals. 

Double-wall insulation technology provides infrared and carbon heating. Two air filters to remove dust from the incubator. The 10 levels of lighting control are a removable brooding tray, a large viewing window and two circulation fans. It is an elegant and easy to use design. Overheating protection is provided. Max – 150W

HKDQ Chick Brooder Brooder Box for Chicks

Incubator for Chicks Duckling / Baby Parrots / Chicks Incubator with Heating,Warms up to 25 Chicks with Heating Lamp Set (31″ x 16″ x 16″)

Target SpeciesDuck, Chicken, Dog
Product Dimensions31″L x 16″W x 16″H
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Number of Levels1

The Brooder

    • Transparent board with adjustable light for you to watch chickens. Open and close at the top to make it easy to remove the chicken.
    • Brooder box made of high temperature resistant plates. Safe and sturdy. It is more suitable for chicks, kittens and puppies. The ceramic heating lamp and sun lamp are used to warm the chicks while they sleep.
    • The brooder incubator can warm up to 25 chicks, or a 15 pound kitten. It is easy to clean the material used in this brooder incubator.
    • The house structure improves the insulation effect, which keeps chicks warm. The breathable, comfortable and safe chicken house heater will let your poultry have their own little houses.
    • Includes: 2 heating lamps, 2 sun lamps, and 2 base bulbs. With English assembly instructions

Proshine Chicken Brooder Chick Brooder Box with Complete Accessories for Ducking Quail Chick

Product details

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 16 x 12 x 17 inches; 8.47 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ JHY26FQ
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ May 19, 2023
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Proshine
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C5R24FBL

RentACoop (16″ x 24″) Chick Brooder Heating Plate & Anti-Roost Cone Set

Warms Up to 50 Chicks – 66 Watts

EXACTLY LIKE A MOTHER HEN! Our heating plate keeps chicks warm and snug, just as they would in nature.

The heated plate’s underside keeps chicks warm by direct contact! The plate is hot for humans, but perfect for chicks.

It is easy to adjust the height of your chicks, with 25 adjustable settings from 1″-7″. You can customize it according to your flock needs.

SAVE MONEY It is more efficient and poses less fire risk than a heat lamp. The 16″x24 “Heating Plate” can warm up to 50 chicks. Heat lamp uses up to 250 Watts.

Included: one (16″x24″) heated plate with 6ft cord attached, four adjustable legs, an anti-roost cone, instructions, and the best customer service in the world for any questions! Uses Type A 110V plug.

NEWTRY Chicken Brooder Box Intelligent Sliding-Door

Chick Brooder with 3 Heating Lamp, 1 Temp Controller, 2 Types of Thermometer up to 35 Chicks Quail Birds

Target SpeciesChicken
Product Dimensions30″L x 13″W x 9.8″H
Specific Uses For ProductIndoor

The Brooder

  • The user can adjust ventilation by opening windows fully, partially or completely, depending on the weather conditions. It is easier to place chicks with the operable skylight.
  • [SLIDING DOOR FORMULA] The sliding door is a great way to make cleaning the incubator easy. Open the door, wipe it gently, and the incubator will be clean again.
  • [TEMP CONTROLLER INCLUDED] Two ceramic lights and one heating lamp provide an ideal temperature for incubation. A temp controller is also provided, which allows the user to adjust the temperature by pressing up or down on the keys. After reaching the temperature that the customer has set, the temperature will fluctuate by 1 Celsius after which it will remain stable.
  • [COMPLETE ASSISTANCE] We provide all the accessories you could possibly need, such as diapers, thermometers of 2 different types, food feeders and water feeders. You can start using our product immediately after you receive it, without having to waste time buying additional accessories. Give your chicks a luxurious home immediately.
  • This is a versatile brooder box that can be used in a variety of situations. It can be placed in your home or chicken coop, and its transparent window gives you a great view. This is a great tool for fostering children’s curiosity about small animals.

Large Wooden Brooder Box for Chicks with Bulb Set and Thermometer

Accommodates Up to 35 Chicks – Ideal for Chickens, Ducks, Quails, Hamsters, and Lizards(32x16x16 Inches)

Large Wooden Brooder Box for Chicks with Bulb Set and Thermometer
Target SpeciesDuck, Hamster
Product Dimensions31.5″L x 16″W x 16″H

The Brooder

  • [(Temperature-controlled Brooder Box)] : Quickly preheat the breeding box within 3 seconds, adjust the brightness of the light bulb through a stepless knob, and control the temperature of the breeding box between 0 and 120 @ F. Warm as summer sunshine, but also the three side ventilation holes form air convection, making the air inside warm and comfortable, not stuffy, which is ideal for the growth of young animals such as chicks.
  • [Convenient Structure] The large transparent skylight can be opened and closed easily, making it convenient to feed or add water to chicks whenever you want. The window on the front of the box is made of a durable, unbreakable acrylic panel that allows you to see the chicks from all angles. It is easy to clean and decorate your chick brooder with the clever upward pull-out design.
  • (High Quality Material) The brooder is made from thickened solid wooden, which is durable and natural, and is not easily deformed or cracked under high temperatures. Small fire risk, ideal for newborn duckling and goose chicks. The brooder material is easy to wash, so there’s no need to worry.
  • [(Chicken Brooder Contains)] You Will Get : (Simple assembly is required) brooding box x1, feeding tray x1, watererx1,screwdriver x1, 2 x dimmer switch cord, ,ceramic lampx1,sun lamp x1,special lamp holder cable x2, diaper x3
  • (After-sale Warranty) We offer a 1 year warranty, and lifelong customer service. Please contact us via email if you have any questions about the product after you receive it. We will respond to you within 24hours.

Brooder Setup

The majority of chicken brooders can be set up easily.

The panels should be high enough to prevent chicks from flying or hopping out.

Set up your brooder in a quiet, secluded area. It should be in a warm, dry and clean place. It isn’t ideal to have a cold garage from several perspectives. Ambient room temperature should be at least 50degF. The room must also be free from predators.

After you’ve chosen the ideal spot, you will need to place the shavings and food inside the brooder.

Next, we will discuss how to install your heat source.

It is incredibly easy to install a brooder plate.

You only need to adjust the legs so that they are at the correct height. The plate must be low enough so that the chicks can sit comfortably under it.

You can plug in the device and be done.

Heat lamps require a little more work.

To maintain 95degF, you will need to adjust the heights of the reflector and bulb. You can do this by placing a temperature gauge on the floor under the heat lamp. It may take a few tries to get the temperature right.

Make sure that any heat lamps you use are secured so they cannot fall in the brooder. Heat lamps that are not properly attached or are faulty cause fires every year.

You should set up your brooder and heat source before the chicks hatch. This will allow you to quickly acclimate them.

What brooder temperature do chicks need?

For the first week , set the brooder temperature at 95 deg F.

The temperature can be lowered by 5 degrees at the beginning of the second week to 90 deg F. The temperature will rise to 85 deg F in the third week.

When the brooder temperature of the chicks is less than 5 deg F from the ambient temperature, the heat can be switched off.

Remember that during the night or cold spells, chicks might need some extra heat for a few weeks. If you’re raising chicks in the winter, the heat may need to be on for a bit longer to ensure their well-being.

If your chicks are happily peeping and scattered around the brooder, you will know they are warm enough!

All your chicks huddled under the light are too cold. If your chicks are scattered around the edge of the brooder, they’re too hot.

Remember that the above guidelines do not apply if you use a heating pad. These units have preset temperatures that cannot be changed, so chicks will gather under the heating plate to stay warm.

Common problems with chicken brooders

Most brooders do not have a base.

You will need to keep the area clean. You can build your own base for your brooder. You can attach some cardboard to the sides of your brooder if you’re creative. The bottom is not reusable, I know this from experience.

Brooders are often made of lightweight cardboard or plastic. The plastic and light weight make it easy to clean, but they can also be easily knocked down.

Beware of advertising that is too optimistic. Verify the floor space that is claimed to be available. Each chick needs a minimum 0.5 square feet. You will quickly need more brooding room if you plan to use the product with the maximum number stated.

The most common problem with heat sources is that they cause fires. Most people use heat plates instead. Make sure that the heat lamp is completely secure if you decide to use it. When I need to use a heat lamp, I secure the clamp at a safe and stable point. I then add two zip ties.


How long are chicks kept in a brooder for?

You will keep your chicks in the brooder about six weeks (or till they are fully feathered). They should be able handle 60 deg F ambient temperature at 6 weeks.

They may need to spend a few more weeks in the brooder during the winter.

What size should a brooder for chickens be?

For each chick, you will need a space of between 0.5-1 sq. ft. For 6 chicks, your brooder will need to be between 3-6 square feet.

How often should I clean my brooder?

You should clean your brooder every day.

Remove any dirty or wet bedding, and replace the water and feed. The container will need to be washed and rinsed with warm, soapy water.

After reading this article, you will have hopefully found the best brooder for your chicks.

Remember that homemade brooders will be cheaper and often better. Any large, deep cardboard box will do as a brooder.

Heat Sources are not only essential but also affordable.

Heat plates are the most effective choice.

The money you spend on them is well spent and will last for many years.

How did you make the brooder? Comment below to let us know.

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