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Bassian Thrush aka Olive-tailed Thrush

Bassian Thrush aka Olive-tailed Thrush

The Bassian Thrush (Zoothura lunulata), commonly known as the Olive-tailed Thrush, is a medium-sized mostly insectivorous thrush found predominantly in Southeastern Australia and Tasmania. The thrushes range from 27 to 29 cm, averaging about 28 cm and 100 grams.

It is estimated that there is a large population of bassian thrushes, though no official count has ever been established.

Bassinian thrushes live in shrubland, forests, and rainforests[3]. They are non-migratory. Though affected by human destruction of their natural habitats, the range of the thrushes is so large that the impact is negligible.

The thrush ranges in color from brown to an olive color, with a white ring around its eyes and black bars on its back, rear, and head. Its underbody is paler, with dark scalloping, and its wings have a dark bar running the length of the underside.


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