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White-eared Bulbuls

The White-eared Bulbuls (Pycnonotus leucotis) occur naturally in mid and southern Iraq, southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and north-western India, parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. They can also be found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

They inhabit scrub forests, mangroves and urban gardens. They are usually seen in pairs or small flocks,


White-eared Bulbuls were named for the large white cheek patches that also cover their “ears.” The head and throat are blackish and the rest of the plumage is greyish-brown, with a darker wings. The vent is orange yellow. They have pale bare eye-rings.

Males and females look alike.

Similar Species:

They resemble the Himalayan White-cheeked Bulbul but are smaller and uncrested; and can be identified by their white cheek patches.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on fruits and insects.

Breeding / Nesting

White-eared Bulbuls breed from March through June..

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