Where Do Finches Sleep At Night? What You Need To Know About Your Pet Finches’ Sleep Habits

Just like humans, sleep is an integral part of birds’ lives. But where do birds go to sleep? Where do finches sleep at night for that matter? We explore this in the article below.

Finches are one of the largest bird families and one of the smallest in terms of size. They are social birds that are rarely seen alone. 

In this article, we will discuss their sleep cycle and habits, where they sleep, how long they sleep, and answers to more such questions which will come in handy if you have a pet finch. 

Where Do Finches Sleep At Night

Do Birds Sleep at Night or in the Day?

Before we get to finches, let’s first understand when exactly birds sleep.

Diurnal birds are bird species with a sleep cycle similar to humans, ie, they are active during the day. 

Nocturnal birds, on the other hand, sleep during the day. They stay awake and hunt their prey during the night instead. Owls are a well-known example of nocturnal birds. 

Do Finches Sleep At Night?

Finches are diurnal birds, they sleep at night. 

Wild finches tend to sleep at dusk and are awake by dawn. Pet finches, on the other hand, are affected by their human family’s schedule and tend to sleep late. 

If they are exposed to unnatural light at night, they are likely to face difficulty in falling asleep. 

Where Do Finches Sleep At Night

Where Do They Sleep at Night?

Finches aren’t fussy. They will sleep whatever is most naturally available to them. But let’s understand this a bit better.

In the Wild

When finches live in the wild, they spend most of their day on trees. Since they are acquainted with the place, finches find trees comfortable and prefer to sleep in them. Finches can build nests or live in small holes in tree trunks, and they like sleeping in them.  

Domestic Finches

House finches sleep comfortably on a perch in their finch cage. They are, however, social beings who feel more at ease if they have a companion or two.

One may also purchase nest boxes or design one for the small birds. 

When Do They Sleep at Night?

Finches are early birds (pun intended!)

When they are living in the wild, they tend to fall asleep by dusk and are awake at dawn. If they follow their instincts, finches are likely to be asleep by 6 or 7 p.m. They happen to be rather punctual beings.

Pet finches also have the same sleep pattern as their friends in the wild.

However, domestic ones may get affected by artificial light (your bulbs and lamps in the house) and perceive it as daytime, which may affect their sleep schedule. 

How Long Should They Sleep? 

Once awake at dawn, finches should normally be active for 12 to 14 hours straight during the day.

But to maintain this level of activity, finches need 10 to 12 hours of peaceful, undisturbed sleep every day. 

Where Do Finches Sleep At Night

What Will Happen If They Are Unable To Sleep Properly? 

Inadequate sleep is likely to take a toll on the physical and mental health of finches. 

It will lower their energy levels and make them lazy. Their bodies’ natural processes such as digestion may also be affected. 

What Can You Do To Help Them Sleep Well? 

Pet birds directly or indirectly get affected by their owner’s sleep cycles. Cut down on bright lights or artificial lights in the house, and do not light enter their nest or cage during the evening.

Try to keep the noises as low as possible after 7 or 8 pm. Keep sources of loud noise away from them. 

Should You Cover Their Cage? 

Covering the cage should generally be avoided since it hampers natural ventilation. Finches face difficulty in falling asleep in an area that receives unnatural light. 

For finches who sleep in their cage, you can cover it during the night to block artificial light from getting inside. However, you need to make sure that there is enough room for ventilation. 

Can They Sleep While Flying? 

Finches cannot sleep and fly simultaneously. Large birds such as frigatebirds do both activities simultaneously when they are tired during long migratory flights. 

Finches also migrate, but they don’t have the ability to sleep while flying. 

Where Do Finches Sleep At Night

Can They Sleep in The Daytime As Well? 

Being diurnal birds, finches do not sleep during the day. If your pet finches are sleeping during the day, it is likely to be a sign of illness. 

Laziness or sleeping during the day requires a check on their night routine. The bird may be receiving insufficient sleep at night. If the problem continues, one should go to an avian vet.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do little birds go to sleep at night?

Little birds are likely to occupy their nests if they have one. Birds who don’t make nests choose to reside in tree cavities, and some can even burrow in the ground. 
It is important for birds to have an enclosure while sleeping to ensure safety from predators and the weather outside.

Do birds sleep in the same place every night?

Yes, birds like finches prefer to sleep in familiar spots, especially if they have built a nest or perch.

What kind of birdhouse do finches like?

Finches love nest boxes made of coniferous trees such as cedar or pine. Make sure that the birdhouse should have holes on the sides for ventilation and drainage holes on the floor. 

Where do house finches go in the winter?

When winter sets in, finches cannot maintain their normal body temperature for long. Some house finches in the West tend to move to places nearer to sea level during winter. House finches in the East tend to migrate towards the south for winters.

Wrap Up

Finches get up early and like to go to sleep early too. Their energy levels fall as the day progresses, and by dusk, they are ready to turn in. 

They require 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night. Pet owners of finches must provide a peaceful environment that removes artificial lights in the evening to allow the bird to sleep well.

Finches prefer to sleep in their nests or holes in a tree, and that’s where they sleep at night too. For pet finches, a nice perch or a nest will be a good spot for them to sleep on.

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