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What Eats Dolphins?

Leaping Dolphins: What Eats A Dolphin?
Fortunately for Dolphins, Few Predators Are Big Enough To Eat Them. Photo:Zest-PK

What eats a dolphin?

What do dolphin eat?

Fortunately for dolphin, they are at the top of their food chain, and they have very few predators. In other words, not many other animals are able to eat dolphin.

Sometimes a very large shark, such as a great white shark, will kill and eat a dolphin. But usually, dolphin swim too fast for sharks to catch them, so a shark would have to be very quick and very sneaky to get itself a dolphin dinner.

Orcas sometimes catch and eat dolphins.

And the people in some countries like to eat dolphin.

But that’s about it; dolphin have very few natural enemies.

And, what do dolphin eat? All types of dolphin eat fish.

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