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What Eats A Chimpanzee?

A Thoughtful Chimpanzee
What Eats A Chimp? Photo:Thomas Lersch

What eats a chimp?

What do chimpanzees eat?

The main predator, or natural enemy, of the chimpanzee is the leopard. However, a full-grown chimp is a very powerful animal, so leopards prefer to attack, kill and eat young or baby chimpanzees. Usually, young chimpanzees stay very close to adult chimpanzees however, so it is hard for a leopard to catch one.

A chimpanzee is not an easy meal for a leopard, so usually they try to eat something else instead.

As for what chimps eat—chimpanzees mostly eat fruits and vegetation. But sometimes they eat insects, including termites, and occasionally a group of chimps will kill and eat a monkey or other small animal.

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